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In recent years, online gambling streaming has been growing so rapidly that it is not even possible to count all the streamers at the moment. However, some content creators reached significant achievements and worth attention. One of those streamers is TeufeurS. GBC Time has collected the most interesting facts about the online streamer and highlighted all the moments from his professional career.

A massive streaming boom definitely took a place in 2020, during the global pandemic. People faced special requirements that put them in a position of finding entertainment online. At that moment, streamers worldwide had a chance to grow their audience sky-high.

Talking more specifically, total slots and poker hours watched sat around 224 million hours watched. It might seem that it could not grow even more. In 2021, however, this number increased by 57% to 352 million hours watched. In 2022, this number kept growing even more. In the first half of 2022, Twitch viewers watched 244 million hours of online gambling streams.

Eventually, it became clear that the streamer profession would be one of the high-paid specialties in further. Such content creators as TeufeurS were the first who stepped in this way. So, let us find out more facts about TeufeurS – one of the most popular gambling streamers in 2022.

TeufeurS may be known as the scandalous and sometimes aggressive streamer. But still, there are no doubts that he has attracted is a loyal audience. Below you will find details of his biography and exclusive facts about TeufeurS, his personal life, career, and personality.

Facts about TeufeurS

TeufeurS streamer may be also known as Teuf. The content creator is specialized in casino gaming and video gaming on streaming platforms. Currently, TeufeurS’ age is 29, but at the moment when he started his career, Teuf was around 24.

He started his professional career on Twitch in April 2016. However, only in 2017, his channel started growing its audience thanks to such games as CS:GO, Fortnite, H1Z1, and GTA 5. Eventually, in the same 2017, the streamer even tried himself in the Fortnite tournament “Dreamack Tours” as a member of the “YouPorn” team.

It seems like esports was not only a passion for Teuf. A few months later, his fans saw another category on his streaming channel such as “gambling”. In 2018, TeufeurS got into a scandal with online casino gaming and was banned from streaming on Twitch.

Streamer name


Real name

Killian Desnos


26 August 1993

Current residence



117 000 – 200 000

Highest viewers

Around 500 000

Stream language


Sub count

284 000

Who is TeufeurS?

Currently, TeufeurS is a millionaire with a huge audience around the globe. His place of birth is supposedly Belgium, but his current residence is in Malta. The rumors say that his interest in video games fall right after Teuf moved to Malta. However, his passion for online casino gaming is still high. All this time, he has been playing blackjack, slot machines, roulette, and poker.

Now, if you click on the TeufeurS Twitch channel, you will see a few preview videos for the latest stream of him playing Fortnite.


TeufeurS’s gambling career

TeufeurS net worth is one of the most interesting aspects of the career of streamers. During his streaming session for his birthday, Teuf shared his first steps in gambling. According to him, he started playing online gambling with an 18 000 euros wager. According to his statement, his bet increased to 1 million euros in two weeks.

TeufeurS: Ways to Earn Money

Social media is probably the best space to find out everything about streamers. TeufeurS's Twitter page has been actively run by himself. And one of the latest tweets was dedicated to the giveaway promotion. It seems like his source of earnings is no longer just streaming, but also ad contracts. His professional connections with gambling brands also bring him a significant amount of money to his net worth.

TeufeurS Instagram profile is another source, where his fans can find more details about his private life. Analyzing his page, it becomes clear that he is definitely a party-type of person, who spends a lot of time with his friends by traveling.


TeufeurS private life

Some may be wondering if TeufeurS has a girlfriend, but this side of the streamer’s life is successfully hidden. His fans have no chance to find out his dating status right now. But probably, in the future, he will announce something interesting about his girlfriend in the future.

Net worth

The only thing that is known about TeufeurS networth is the fact that he is a millionaire. Considering the fact that the leading casino brands sign contracts with the popular stream, the conjecture about his multimillion-dollar fortune is becoming more and more obvious.


Of course, there are a lot of secrets around TeufeurS personality, but one thing is obvious. The streamer succeeds in building a huge network with a loyal audience that supports him no matter what. Even when Twitch banned the streamer, his fans were still watching him on such platforms as YouTube.

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