Five Popular Streamers Who Are Investing in Their Esports Teams

Thanks to modern streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube Live, today's popular gaming content creators can generate substantial profits. And contrary to popular belief, they don't just spend that money on expensive cars and luxury mansions. Instead, some of them express their passion for competitive gaming by investing in esports organizations. From the article, you will briefly learn about each of these beloved streaming personalities.

Sapnap's deal with NRG Esports

Nicholas "Sapnap", who is one of the most followed Minecraft streamers, joined NRG Esports on October 29 last year. Although there is nothing unusual about this move at first glance, there was one fascinating detail about it. Nicholas agreed to promote the NRG brand as a content creator. But at the same time, he became a partial owner of the company, and things like this definitely do not happen every day in the esports world.

Valkyrae joins 100 Thieves

It is really hard to find a more adored female streamer than Rachel "Valkyrae" in the American broadcasting scene. This girl started supporting the 100 Thieves brand with her content in the fall of 2018. Her popularity continued to skyrocket over the next three years. So, in April 2021, Rachell announced that she is fully committed to the organization and has become one of its official co-owners.

Asmongold creates a media company

Being a down-to-earth guy with excellent gaming and communication skills, Zack “Asmongold” managed to create an amazing community around his video content. In 2020, he decided to assemble a team of several popular streamers and start a new company that would focus on the gaming and media industries. The crew named the company One True King (OTK) and announced its launch in a Twitter post. After that, Asmongold also posted a YouTube video to explain in more detail to all the fans what OTK is all about.

Nickmercs and Faze Clan

When Nick "Nickmercs" left 100 Thieves and joined rival esports organization Faze Clan a few days later, many gaming fans were shocked by the decision. However, the backlash from the community did not stop Nick from staying focused on his personal goals. Two years after his controversial move, it turned out that one of those goals was the co-ownership of the Faze Clan company. Although the details of this deal have not yet been disclosed, we are sure that the player received excellent compensation for his decision.

Moist Esports

American streamer Charlie “MoistCr1TiKal” has told his followers that he is incredibly passionate about esports many times. So, when he announced the birth of his new esports organization, the news did not surprise his viewers. The company's meteoric rise, on the other hand, amazes the fans a lot more. Its Rocket League team has already taken top places in the most prestigious tournaments. Besides that, the players who focus on fighting games like Super Smash Bros are also showing impressive results.

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