Social Media News Digest: YouTube Ads Upgrade and TikTok’s New Talent Feature

One of the biggest secrets in social marketing is to always stay tuned for the latest trends and updates. GBC Time highlights the biggest news, changes, and tendencies on social media in a weekly digest. So, below you will find new Meta’s legal actions, TikTok’s new Talent Manager Portal, and the hottest YouTube Ads updates.

Met’s new legal actions against data scraping companies

Meta company has a long story with the data on its platforms. At this time, the social media giant announced legal actions against another company for scraping profile data from Facebook and Instagram. According to the official Meta announcement, the company named Voyager Labs illegally tracked personal data from Facebook and Instagram. The main requirement from Meta to the courtroom is to ban the company’s access to the platforms.

Moreover, Voyager Labs is also accused of data tracking from Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn as well.

It seems like Meta is not ready to give up in the fight against the collection of personal information of users on the platforms.

TikTok launches a new Manager-Creator feature

Since TikTok has been supporting content creators worldwide, the video platform announces a new feature, which simplifies the work for the manager.

Talent Manager Portal is part of the TikTok Creator Marketplace network, the main task of which is to build a connection between agents and more than 800 000 content creators worldwide. This network is the perfect feature, which satisfies not just the content creators, but celebrities who start creating TikTok videos as well.

TikTok Creator Marketplace was first introduced in 2019, and since then the whole platform has been constantly improving the monetization system for the content-creators from all over the globe.

YouTube Ads analytics upgrade

It seems like one of the main goals for YouTube is the development of the ad on the platform these days. So here are a few upgrades on YouTube that were announced recently.

The first update is related to YouTube Studio, which is essentially a brand-new feature. Thanks to this tool, it will be possible to analyze the effectiveness of each type of content on the audience.

Social Media Digest: YouTube Ads Upgrade and TikTok’s New Talent Feature

Another important format for the main YouTube office is the Shorts. It seems like this format becomes more and more popular each day, which is why the company decided to update short-video content as well.

YouTube launched a feature, which gives content creators access to deep analytics of the categorized view history. It means that there will be a few categories of video view history for:

  • Shorts;
  • videos;
  • live-streams.

Summing up, YouTube will put all its efforts into the development of such a format as shorts. So, this category is definitely a trend on the YouTube platform.


By analyzing the latest updates and announcements from the platforms, it becomes clear that the short video format is the future of advertising. if you want to talk more about your brand, use short talking points and trending music regardless of platform.

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