Ultimate Guide to the Gamification in Casinos 2023

Gamification is definitely one of the top-rated engaging methods that can be implemented in any business nowadays. GBC Time has reviewed the methods and collected the most interesting facts about its gamification in the iGaming industry and analyzed the best gamification casinos in 2023.

In days of extremely high competition in the online casino market, operators are searching for the newest and most effective methods to engage the audience and keep them loyal. Some experts believe in gamification as the perfect weapon against low activity on the website and lack of interest among customers on online casino websites.

GBC Time has ultimately overviewed the gamification methods in the casino business, as the modern solution for inactive audiences.

What is Casino Gamification?

Basically, gamification may be described as the process of using gaming elements in non-gaming situations. Gamification is considered to be one of the most common methods of engaging and call-to-action the audience.

Gamification is also universal for all types of businesses and any situation. It is suitable for business models to motivate customers and gamification is also frequently used to activate the physical activity of the employees in the company.

If you were thinking of what can be an all-problems solution, the answer would probably be gamification.

However, despite all the innovation and high-tech approaches, gamification may still be an unrevealed secret for online casino businesses. So how does gamification work for casinos?

How Does Gamification Work in Online Casinos?

It is not a secret that one of the hardest things in the online casino business is to keep your audience always engaged, intrigued, and interested. If your website is showing a significant decrease in playing hours and general activity, maybe your gamification needs to be improved.

Gamification is definitely the latest tendency, which has not been discovered by the major part of operators worldwide. 2023 seems to be a boom year for this method as one of the most demanding features.

Simply put, the most popular gamification elements are various symbols and awards for new achievements. For instance, it can a reward for the specific time of blackjack winning or a jackpot on the slot machines. Talking of this casino category, the most-used gamification elements in slot games are free spins, which play the role of rewards for the players.

Ultimate Guide to the Gamification in Casinos

But when it comes to new customers engaging, casino operators generally use welcome bonuses. This type of gift is dedicated to newly-registered players or customers, who made their first deposit on the website.

Why casino is the best environment for gamification method?

Since the iGaming industry unexpectedly flew up during the COVID-19 hit, this market keeps growing and innovatively developing. Online gambling cannot even exist without this technological approach, which of course gets along with gamification perfectly.

Annually, this industry has been producing more and more gamification methods, features, and tools. So here are the best features of gamification for casinos this year.

The Most Popular Gamification Features

In-App Currency

Speaking of gamification outside of gambling, one of the most common tools is the local currency. This gives customers the opportunity not only to get emotions from the process but also to have the opportunity to make an internal purchase.

Progress Bar

Seeing progress always gives you more motivation to keep going. Gambling is no exception. Players are more motivated to keep playing when they see how much they have achieved so far.

If you want to make progress one of the main motivations for players, make sure the progress bar is clear and simple. If you add additional progress indicators like percentages or cross-level rewards, this can work even better.

So what about the best gamification casino methods in 2023? What are the most effective of them?

Casino Gamification Methods

1. Unlockable Content

The first technique is probably one of the most motivating methods in gamification. The scheme is simple – the new level opens after the previous one is successfully accomplished. In other words, players can get access to the special content only after they pass the previous level or achieve the goal. It is moving, motivating, and engaging.

2. Tournaments

Those players who find it more fun to compete with other players will definitely like this gamification method on your website. This method differs in its excitement and involvement brought to the players.

Ultimate Guide to the Gamification in Casinos

There are also two ways to set up the tournament:

  • Sit and Go (a fast variant of the tournament);
  • Scheduled (early announcement and specific schedule).

3. Leaderboards

A leadership board is another effective way to motivate customers to play. After the successful accomplishment or achievement, the best player gets into the top leaders. Some online casinos offer several boards for each game on the website.

The leadership boards are always simple, structured, and easy to understand. The better customers play, the higher they become on the list of leaders.

4. Social Media iGaming

According to the facts, social media platforms are a habitual and irreplaceable part of people’s lives. Well, the iGaming industry could not implement social media networking in its market as well.

Right after the casino players got an option to play games on Facebook, it was a green light for the online casino industry to implement this scheme as gamification.

5. Narrative Storytelling

Nowadays, it is definitely not enough to just put the bright and colorful button as a gamification on the casino website. Leading iGaming operators choose to add a storytelling factor to improve the feature and make this way even more effective.

The Benefits of Gamification

All the benefits of gamification can be divided into two groups – the benefits for the players and for the casino itself.

The moment the players get an incredible gaming experience and have fun on the site, the online casino operators make a profit. In direct proportion to satisfied and satisfied players, the number of new customers is also growing.

Gamification in casinos is always guaranteed to improve the experience and increase the level of trust among the players.

The best gamification casinos in 2023

Despite the fact that this tendency is quite new, there are already online casinos that successfully implemented gamification on their websites:

  • 22Bet (Play’nGO);
  • CasiTabi (Microgaming);
  • Mansion Casino (Playtech);
  • PlayOJO (NetEnt);
  • JackpotCity (RealTimeGaming).

Future of Casino Gamification

Ultimate Guide to the Gamification in Casinos

Gamification is definitely not a fleeting but long-lived tendency in the iGaming industry. Therefore, expectedly, we will see even more methods, features, and tools. Clearly, such a growing trend may be a combination of AI technology and gamification in business.

Both of the innovations are quite popular in iGaming and both of them work for the same purpose – the improvement of the gaming experience. It is not a matter of time.

However, it is not so easy to bring this mixture to life. Machine learning and gamification is now a popular topic among tech experts, which means that this experiment is definitely in the plans. But what are the main complexities?

Despite all the benefits, one of the biggest issues in gamification is the lack of no long-term alignment with the end goal of users. But machine learning may fix this and improve personalization to increase engagement even higher for longer.

Moreover, AI is expected to be used in users’ action predictions, which would probably alleviate a gamification task. Through AI predictions, operators will know how to set up effective gamification in online casino and motivate the users even more.

Soon we will see new technological solutions to bring this mixture.

Summing up

Gamification is one of those trends that has always been in the public eye but is only now gaining value in business circles. Operators struggle with each customer and their brand loyalty, so they will be willing to invest in order to provide the best level of gamification on the site.

It is expected that we will see more discoveries, breakthroughs, and modern technological solutions that will improve both efficiency and the way of implementation.

So now is definitely the best time to grab this trend before it cools off.

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